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Trader's Stories - #1

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Trader’s story from @thekingdomtrader. Email for a chance to share your own journey.

Trader’s unforgettable market experience:

“This has to be when I blew my first account, it was a $50 dollar account my mom funded for me in hope of “we are about to make a million naira in 2 months”. She was so optimistic, and so was I.”

This has to be when I blew my first account, it was a $50 dollar account my mom funded for me in hope of “we are about to make a million naira in 2 months”. She was so optimistic, and so was I.

I placed my first live trade in April 2021 after attending a 4-day training organized by a brokerage firm. At the training, we were told different stories of how people made huge amounts of money trading forex. These stories weren't lies because that is the ultimate truth about financial trading, you can make a whole lot of money. The only mistake the brokerage firm made was omitting the fact that the amount of money you make is proportional to the knowledge you have about the market.

More knowledge = More money, I didn’t know that,Very painful stuff! Fast forward to the end of May 2022, my $50 account was blown at work. I discovered a new side of me, Geez! I went home and laid down soaking my bed in tears, they were painful tears, I really thought I was going to make some millions! All I could think of was how badly I had disappointed my mum. I felt weak and powerless, one of the most horrible feelings ever. I could never forget that night, it was so bitter. In all, I’m so grateful to God that this experience only pushed me to seek knowledge and not give up. Also, I didn’t want to disappoint Jesus because He led me here hence I had only one option; Get it right! And that’s what I have been doing ever since, getting it right and improving!

Trader’s PTSD experience with the market:

The only thing in this market that gives me Post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) is that instrument called Gold. There was a time I traded it during NFP, oh my goodness! The movement was crazy, it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. Although the trade ended in profit, the trauma of watching my money dive into a huge loss because of its volatility had a crazy effect on me. Till date, I can’t stare at a Gold chart for more than 6 mins, it’s heavily traumatic for me. I stay away from Gold like a plaque. I truly salute Traders who love and trade this pair. You guys are the GOATs

Trader’s turning point story:

“It was at this moment I accepted the fact that to make money in this market I need more money. ”

I have had two major turning points in my trading journey, the first was on May 29th,2022 when Jesus opened my eyes to see exactly what I needed to do to change my trading for good. Almost immediately, I moved from 0 to 100, It's one of the happiest days of my life. The joy of every trader is finding the trading style that suits you best, and this is what I got for listening to the Holy Spirit. This is an unforgettable experience for me.

The second turning point was when I tried flipping a $10 dollar to $100, this was my 3rd time attempting this in my journey as a Trader. It started so well, analysis on point, entry was superb! I mean what could possibly go wrong, right? Well, this was when it all came crashing down, the market almost hit my TP (take profit), it was only about 5 or 10pips away, then the market reversed! And eventually hit my stop loss when I wasn't looking. It was a huge mess, I was swinging on a $10 dollar account, how wise is that?

It was at this moment I accepted the fact that to make money in this market I need more money. Trading is a game of probability, you enter trades based on the quality of the odds on your side, and if you’re doing this with an account that gives you less than 10 opportunities to try, your chances of succeeding are low compared to another with a larger account size who gets up 20 opportunities to try and win big. Nothing was wrong with my strategy or my entry, the only thing that was wrong was the account size that gave me just 1 opportunity to be right.

The money I lost was so little and could be considered insignificant but for my $10 account, it was extremely significant! This liberating experience is something I would never forget too.

Get inspired

You've got to love the charts, if your only motivation to trade is money, with time it’s going to wear out. Develop love for Trading itself, it’s an art, and it’s so beautiful. You’ve got to love these charts. Put in the work and watch the money come to you. It is that simple.

To struggling traders:

The fact that you’re struggling is a sign that you love what you do and you are willing to put in the work when necessary. Please do not give up. You’re going to get it right sooner than you expect. Seeth a man diligent in his works he will stand before kings and not mere men. You are going to stand before kings, Be diligent, don’t give up. God has got you always!

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Stephen Akinola
Stephen Akinola
03 nov. 2022

I love this honestly, Gold is a crazy


16 sept. 2022

Thanks for sharing before I click buy or sell I most set my stop loss only to loss 1% of my account if the trade goes wrong,

I have a 1:3 risk to reward 3 wins 7 loss is still fine with me,

I'm just 5 month is trading journey


Thanks 🙏🏽

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