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Why FT9ja is Nigeria’s Best Recommended Prop Firm

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Proprietary-funded trading is increasingly popular among the trading community, and many firms are joining the sector. However, revolutionary prop firms like FT9ja are consistently introducing innovative solutions that distinguishes them from the crowd.

FT9ja is Nigeria’s first next-generation proprietary trading firm and has successfully funded thousands of undercapitalized traders in Africa and around the world.

In recent years, FT9ja has emerged as Nigeria's leading proprietary trading firm, revolutionizing the industry with its innovative solutions and empowering traders to achieve their financial goals.

As a proprietary funding firm, FT9ja seeks to boost traders’ confidence by empowering them with sufficient funds to scale the market successfully.

This way, traders can evade many drawbacks associated with trading smaller accounts, especially the fear of losing their capital. These traders trade with FT9ja’s funds and get to split the profits weekly or monthly.

With unique features like the Free Second Chance Account, talent bonus, seamless payouts, and support for synthetic indices like Boom, Crash, Volatility, Jump, etc. FT9ja stands out as the top choice for traders in Nigeria.

Let's take a closer look at what sets FT9ja apart from other firms in the industry:

FT9ja’s Talent Bonus

FT9ja is the only prop firm in the world that pays traders during their evaluation phase. All eligible FT9ja traders get paid the "Talent Bonus" during evaluation (Zuma account), provided they have not violated the drawdown rules and, have traded for at least 10 days.

Traders get paid a percentage of their profit. 10% of their profit on monthly payouts and 5% of their profit on weekly payouts. After evaluation, eligible Zuma traders are rewarded with an Aso account and up to 80% profit splits thereafter.

Free Second Chance Account

At FT9ja, we understand that some technical issues may occur, causing a trader to violate the drawdown rules. We understand these challenges and believe every talented trader deserves a second chance.

If a trader violates the drawdown rules on their first account, FT9ja will provide that trader with another opportunity to try again with no additional cost. This second account is called a Second Chance Account.

No Time Limit.

FT9ja offers Zuma traders the utmost flexibility in achieving the 25% target milestone. Unlike many other trading firms, there are no time limits imposed during the evaluation. This gives traders the psychological relief, hence enabling them to grow their profits without unnecessary pressure. This flexibility ensures a smoother and more rewarding trading journey.

Fast Payouts

Another amazing benefit FT9ja offer is a seamless payout model that allows traders to withdraw their profit splits weekly or monthly. Once users request payouts, FT9ja processes the transaction and disburses the funds via PayPal (for international traders) or local bank transfer.

It's important to note that Payouts are processed on Fridays and only requests made before 2pm WAT on Friday will be processed that week. Once requested, payouts are sent within 24 working hours (after 2pm WAT on Friday).

One-time Payment, No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees on FT9ja. Traders who want to take their trading to the next level pay a one-time fee and receive their account, no other fees apply after this. Their account is theirs for as long as they want, provided account rules are not violated.

You can find out more about the account sizes and the one-time fee associated with each of them here.

Support for Synthetic Indices and Financial Assets:

Asides currency pairs, traders also have the opportunity to trade synthetic indices like Boom, Crash, VIX, Jump etc. and also Commodities like Gold.

With FT9ja's wide range of instruments, traders can take advantage of various opportunities in the financial markets, whether they are seeking stability in traditional assets or looking to capitalize on market volatility through synthetic indices like the VIX.

FT9ja supports every trading style. Whether you scalp, day trade or even swing. We support you! There are no restrictions to your trading technique provided you do not violate the rules.

Trading Availability on Weekdays and Weekends:

FT9ja is always active! Wherever there’s a market, our traders can participate seamlessly. Are you interested in trading major currency pairs on weekdays or Synthetic Indices (VIX) on weekends and weekdays? FT9ja has got you covered.


FT9ja has firmly established itself as Nigeria's top recommended proprietary trading firm.

Its primary goal is to provide traders with financial support so they can achieve their trading goals, with unique features like the talent bonus, second chance account, etc.

Join FT9ja today and be a part of Africa's rising generation of Forex champions.

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