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Why you should fund your trading account with a prop firm.

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Trading in the financial markets has always been an enticing pursuit for investors seeking to generate substantial profits. While independent traders have traditionally dominated the field, a new trend has emerged: funding with proprietary trading firms.

Within the last decade, the funded trading sector has witnessed significant growth with innovative prop firms like FT9JA financing thousands of traders across the globe with accounts ranging from $5,000.00 to $50,000.00 and more. The prop-funded industry’s demand is mainly driven by the bountiful benefits that sponsored accounts provide traders.

One notable advantage, for instance, is that prop-funded account holders typically bag more earnings than personally funded account holders. This is because prop accounts are equipped with over 10x the trader’s original leverage.

Here’s a typical example: A trader has $120 to fund their trading account and does just that. By the end of the month, they make 25% profit ($30) on the capital, making a total of $150.

Another trader has the same $120 and secures a $10,000 prop-funded account instead. Similarly, this trader makes 25% profit ($2,500) on the capital by the month’s, making a total of $2,500.

  • The trader with the personally funded account of $120 makes an extra $30.

  • The trader who secures the $10,000 prop-funded account for $120 makes an extra $2,000 after an 80%/20% profit split. And that’s the beauty of prop-funded trading.

Benefits of Using a Funded Account

In this article, we expound on the benefits of proprietary trading and how funding with a proprietary firm can dramatically boost your earning rate.

Access to Capital

One of the most significant advantages of joining a proprietary trading firm is access to larger capital. Independent traders often start with limited funds, which can severely restrict their trading strategies and hinder their ability to capitalize on lucrative opportunities.

In contrast, proprietary firms offer substantial capital to their traders, empowering them to explore diverse markets, employ sophisticated strategies, and take advantage of higher leverage, ultimately increasing the potential for profit.

Rapid Capital Scaling with Ease:

Compounding your interests consistently may take longer and require more risk and effort on a small live retail account. In contrast, you can compound faster and more effortlessly with a bigger prop-funded account.

In addition, you’ll also enjoy limitless scaling benefits. For example, FT9JA offers scaling opportunities to eligible traders who hit targeted milestones. This means that as a trader successfully achieves specific profit goals, their trading capital can be increased without any additional cost.

Scaling opportunities like this allows traders to compound their profits and grow exponentially over a shorter period. Imagine how much growth a trader who successfully scales 6 milestones can achieve? Also, they’ll be doing that with more confidence and significantly reduced risk.

Leverage a Proven Risk Management Framework

Another advantage of prop-funded trading is the access to a proven risk management framework. While independent traders often lack structure and accountability, prop-funded traders benefit from established risk management parameters that protect their capital and guide their trading decisions.

Risk management is paramount in trading, and proprietary firms excel in this area. Experienced risk managers at these firms closely monitor traders' activities, ensuring they follow prudent risk management practices.

Since retail traders are typically not partnering with or answerable to anyone, they tend to lack accountability. Unfortunately, this can play out negatively on the trader in the long run.

For instance, a solo retail trader can set a month’s due milestone and be well on their way to achieving it. However, halfway through, they can make an impulsive decision that throws their capital overboard, causing them to lose their funds and miss their targets.

With a proprietary funded account however, traders are provided with proven risk management parameters that safeguard their capital and help them to achieve their profit targets effortlessly.

Not only do these risk management parameters help safeguard traders’ finances, but they also encourage traders to take their capital seriously and trade more cautiously. As a result, traders can manage risks consistently regardless of unforeseen market uncertainties.

In the long run, this helps prop-funded traders to stay in profit long-term as opposed to the short-term wins and eminent loss that are typical with solely funded retail traders.

Team Effort and Ongoing Support

Proprietary funding firms like FT9JA are committed to traders’ professional development and growth. Because of this, we provide ongoing support and active communities where our traders can interact, share ideas, and grow together.

As a result, our funded traders build their knowledge and skill quickly and efficiently.

With FT9JA hero learning, traders can enhance their trading skills and learn new strategies to tackle the markets. Our official website features an exclusive blog section where pro and rookie traders can harness useful trading ideas.

You can also explore our interviews with other successful traders and draw inspiration from diverse proven winning techniques.

In addition to educational support, FT9JA also offers non-stop customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This especially helps new traders to find their way around and become acquainted with the world of trading.

Furthermore, traders are allotted personal account managers who ultimately monitor their progress and keep the trader disciplined and committed to their trading plan and goals. When combined, these, and many more benefits provide prop traders with a significant edge over their counterpart personally funded retail traders.

Trading Flexibility and Diverse Market Access

Funding with a prop firm provides traders with unparalleled trading flexibility and access to diverse markets and instruments. The advantages of trading flexibility and diverse market access include:

  • Expanded Trading Opportunities: Prop-funded traders can explore a wide range of markets, including stocks, futures, options, and forex. This allows them to capitalize on various market conditions and diversify their trading portfolios.

  • Adaptability and Versatility: Traders can adapt their trading strategies to different markets, optimizing their trading approaches based on market dynamics.

Reduced Psychological Stress

Trading can be emotionally taxing, especially when large sums of personal capital are at risk. Funding with a proprietary trading firm can alleviate some of this psychological stress.

Traders funded by a firm operate with the firm's capital, reducing the emotional burden of risking personal funds.

This freedom allows traders to focus on implementing their strategies objectively and maintaining discipline during challenging market conditions.

Final Notes

Prop-funded trading is an excellent option for experienced forex traders wishing to improve their profit margin without over risking. It is also a great way for rookie traders to learn the ropes of forex by understanding early how to adapt their trading style to effective risk management parameters.

This way, traders can take their trading to the next level while minimizing risks of blowing their accounts multiple times.

FT9JA provides traders with the tools and assistance they need to thrive in the competitive world of forex by equipping them with:

  • Access to greater capital

  • Industry standard resources for professional growth

  • A personal account manager

  • Effective risk management strategies

  • A reliable community of profitable like-minded traders, and 24/7 customer support

  • Trading flexibility, and more

FT9JA is also the only proprietary funding firm in the world that offers their prop-funded traders an unconditional Free Second Chance Account to try again if they blow up the first one!

By partnering with a growth-focused propriety firm like FT9JA, you can quickly transform your forex trading into a profitable and satisfying career option. With our support, you only need to put half the time and effort to make three times and even ten times the reward.

Sign up with us today and let FT9JA become a part of your forex success story.


Prop-funded accounts provide amplified leverage, rapid capital scaling, proven risk management frameworks, ongoing support, access to industry-standard resources, and trading flexibility.

These advantages empower traders to maximize their profits, compound their earnings, and achieve remarkable growth in a shorter period.

By partnering with a growth-focused proprietary firm like FT9JA, you gain access to a supportive community, personalized guidance, and the tools needed to excel in the market.

Embrace the advantages of prop-funded trading and let FT9JA become the catalyst for your trading success story. Sign up today and unlock your full trading potential with FT9JA.

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